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9 February 2024 | light-and-materials

Light-Driven Material Optimization

During a fortuitous lunch discussion on the Light Meets Materials Synergy Day 2023, the seed to the project "Light-Driven Material Optimization” was born. In …
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Frosty magnolia bud in front of the university building
29 November 2023 | light-and-materials

Young Investigator Synergy Award 2023

In the 2023 Young Investigator Synergy Award call we received seven project applications. The projects were evaluated against the criteria of the Light and …
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10 November 2023 | light-and-materials

Call for Young Investigator Synergy Award

In the call for Young Investigator Synergy Award seven project proposals were received. Six of the proposals has two applicants and one had three. …
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